Abandoned Pesticide Advisory Board Meeting

1.           Introductions   2.           Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes   3.           Act 364 Abandoned Pesticide Disposal Act   4.           Other Business

Arkansas Water Well Construction Commission via telephone conference

I.                   CALL TO ORDER   II.                 CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES: April 2, 2021   III.               BUSINESS             A.      Administration 1.      Executive Secretary’s Report – Bruce Holland   2.     Financial Report (Attachment A) – Sheila Watts   3.     Legal Issues – Mike Bynum 1.      Rule Changes   IV.               Consideration of Applicants (Attachment B) – Jackie Broach   V.                 Inspectors’ Report (Attachment C) – Jacob Harvey   VI.               Other Business […]

Veterinary Medical Examining Board Meeting via Zoom

1.     Call to Order – Dr. Paul Turchi, Chairman   2.     Administrative Items a.     Approve 2/23/2021 Board Meeting Minutes b.     Approve FY21 3rd Quarter Report c.      Review FY19 Internal Control and Compliance Assessment d.     Review Approved Continuing Education e.     Review Issued Temporary Permits f.       Review Certified Veterinary Technicians   3.     Applications a.     Corporate Practices b.     Veterinarians – Licensure by Endorsement/Reciprocity   4.     Complaint Committee a.     Updates on Existing […]