Upcoming Meetings: September 2021

The Meetings below will convene in the offices of the Board (623 Woodlane Dr., Little Rock, AR 72201) and via ZOOM:  Monday, September 13, 2021    Survey Exam Committee Meeting – 1:00PM Tuesday, September 14, 2021    Administrative Hearing & Board Meeting – 9:00AM | The Agenda is posted in Upcoming Events on our https://www.pels.arkansas.gov/ website. Please […]

Upcoming Meetings: July 2021

The meetings below will convene in the offices of the Board: Monday, July 12, 2021    Survey Exam Committee Meeting – 1:00 PM Tuesday, July 13, 2021    Complaint Committee Meeting – 9:00 AM    Board Meeting – 10:00AM . The Agenda has been posted to “Upcoming Events” on our homepage. Please call 501.682.2824 for additional information.

Administrative Hearing

Board Members will hold an Administrative Hearing on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The Hearing will convene at 10:00 AM   Please call our office for further information.