Arkansas Wine Tourism Center Discussion Document Posted Today

Arkansas Wine Producers Council 4th Quarter 2021 Quarterly Meeting. Presentation and Discussion Document October 12, 2021, presented by David Bell, CFO, Arkansas Department of Commerce. David Bell, CFO, Arkansas Department of Commerce presentation is available for review under the documents section of this website.

2022 Arkansas Wine Producers Council Officers and Board Member

Board Members Appointed by the Governor Daniel O’Shea – 2022 thru 2025 Audrey House – 2019 thru 2022 Andrew Post – 2019 thru 2022 Dr. Michael Post – 2019 thru 2022 Dennis Wiederkehr – 2021 thru 2023 Dr. Renee Threlfall – Appointed by the Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of […]