Crime Victims Reparations Board

The Arkansas Crime Victims Reparations Program provides financial compensation to victims who have suffered personal injury or death as the result of violent crime.

Eligible victims may qualify for up to $10,000 for medical care, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses, crime scene clean up and loss of support for dependents of deceased victims. Victims suffering catastrophic injuries may qualify for up to $25,000. Eligible victims may be awarded reparations regardless of whether there has been an arrest or conviction related to the crime.

Additionally, the Sexual Assault Reimbursement Program allows evidence to be collected after a sexual assault has been committed without the victim bearing the burden of the expense, and it pays for ambulance services and medical or legal examinations.

Victims may apply for compensation by submitting an application to the Crime Victims Reparations office.

These programs are funded by fees collected from criminal offenders and a federal grant through the Victims of Crime Act, administered by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Department of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety - Crime Victims Reparations Board
Department of Public Safety - Crime Victims Reparations Board
Crime Victims Reparations Board