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Driving in Arkansas

So you’ve got a car. Now what? We’ve outlined the things that you need to know when owning a vehicle in the State of Arkansas.

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Vehicle Assessment

Managed by your County Assessor

Each year you are required to assess your vehicles before May 31st. If you assess after that date you will be subject to penalties on your personal property tax, so make sure you get that done early. Some counties provide online systems for completing your assessment and some require you to visit the assessor’s office. Find your county assessor using the Assessor list below.

All personal property must be assessed between January 1st and May 31st each year. If your vehicle registration expires before May 31, be sure to assess early so you will be able to renew your tags on time. Your best bet is to assess on January 1st.

Property Tax Payments

Managed by your County Collector

Your property assessment is used to calculate your personal property taxes in the county in which you reside. Each year that you pay property taxes you are paying for the previous year’s assessment. For example, in 2017 you’ll pay personal property taxes for the vehicles that you assessed in 2016. You must pay your property taxes for the previous year before you will be allowed to register a new vehicle plate or renew your existing tag registration.

Many county collectors offer online property tax payments. Use the link below to find where you can pay your property taxes online.

You may pay your property taxes each year starting in March. They are late if not paid by October 15th.

Vehicle Tag Renewal

Managed by the Department of Finance and Administration

This is the last piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve assessed and paid your property taxes you’ll be eligible to purchase a new vehicle registration or renew an existing registration. You will not be allowed to renew your vehicle tags if you have not completed your assessment or paid your previous year’s personal property taxes.

You MUST assess and pay property taxes before you can renew your vehicle tags

The easiest and most convenient way to renew your vehicle tags is through the ARSTAR Tag Renewal System. Renew your registration online in minutes and receive your tags in the mail within a few business days.

While you wait on your tags to be mailed to you, use your ARSTAR receipt to show that you have legally registered your vehicle.

Provided by the Arkansas Department of Transportation

The IDriveArkansas platform informs you of all the construction on state highways, winter weather conditions, flooded roadways, and current weather conditions on a state level. It also shows rest stops and welcome centers along with alternate routes when sections of highway are closed.

Driving Exam

Provided by the Arkansas State Police

If you’re interested in obtaining an Arkansas driver license then you’ll need to pass the driver’s examination. The Arkansas State Police have created some helpful study guides that will assist you in preparing for the test. You can also find a location to take your test by visiting the Arkansas State Police Driver Exam page.

Driving Records

If you would like to pull your own driving record to see what is shown you can visit use the Personal Traffic Violation Record system. The record you receive is the same information that can be pulled by an insurance company


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Assessments are handled by your County Assessor and property taxes are handled by your County Collector.

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