Taxes in Arkansas

Personal Property Tax and Real Estate Taxes

Managed by your County Collector

The vehicle assessment that you submit each year is used to calculate your personal property taxes in the county in which you reside. Each year that you pay property taxes you are paying for the previous year’s assessment. For example, in 2017 you will be paying personal property taxes for the vehicles that you assessed in 2016. You must pay your property taxes for the previous year before you will be allowed to register a new vehicle plate or renew your existing tag registration.

Many county collectors accept online property tax payments. Use the link below to locate the correct website to pay your property taxes.

You may pay your property taxes each year starting in March and they are due by October 15th of every year. Want a reminder? Sign up for Gov2Go.

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Arkansas Personal Income Tax

If you are looking for someone to assist in preparing your personal income taxes, the Department of Finance and Administration has a good list of eFile Online Providers

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Looking for your Arkansas income tax refund? You can check on the status of your return using the Arkansas Tax Payer Access Point (ATAP) system.

Arkansas Corporation Income Tax

The Corporation Income Tax Section provides technical assistance to corporate customers, CPAs and other tax preparers; processes, examines, and audits C -corporation and Sub-S income tax returns and refund claims while ensuring compliance with Arkansas’ income tax code, regulations, and policy statements; monitors and revises the computerized processing system to ensure compliance with current legislative and administrative requirements. The office is comprised of the audit, examination, accounts receivable, and data entry areas.