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*11 Services

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Special *11 numbers offer Arkansas residents convenient access to a variety of non-emergency services and programs.

211 | Non-Profit and Human Service Programs

Arkansas 2-1-1 is operated by the United Way of Arkansas and funded through local United Way contributions, federal grants and private donations.

The services that Arkansans will be able to access through 2-1-1 include:

  • Food banks, Meals on Wheels, clothing closets, shelters and rent and utility assistance.
  • Health insurance programs, medical-information lines, Medicaid and Medicare, ARKids First, maternal health, counseling and support-group services, drug-and-alcohol intervention and rehabilitation.
  • Child care, after-school programs, Head Start, family-resource centers, mentoring and tutoring, recreational programs and protective services.
  • Adult day care, respite care, home health care and transportation.
  • Job training, transportation and education programs.
  • Volunteer opportunities and donations.

311 | Non-Emergency and City Government Services

Some cities use 3-1-1 as simple, three-digit number that residents, businesses and visitors can call to reach the City to make inquiries regarding services, report problems, check the status of issues or obtain general information. The 3-1-1 service is part of an ongoing effort to make city governments easier and more responsive to the needs of residents, its business owners and visitors.

811 | Know what’s below. Call before you dig.

[8-1-1 is a new federally mandated national “Call Before You Dig” number, created to help protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects. Every digging job requires a call – the bigger projects such as new construction, ponds and fountains and even smaller projects such as planting trees or shrubs. Digging can disrupt service to an entire neighborhood, harm you and those around you and potentially result in fines and repair costs.

Find out more before you dig


VolunteerAR is a free, statewide portal helping connect the citizens of Arkansas with volunteer opportunities in their community. VolunteerAR believes in the power of people to create a better Arkansas.

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