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  • Annual subscription fee: $150.00
  • Add up to 10 users for an extra $150.00( total:$300 per year)
  • Subscription renewal: $150.00 ($300 for up to 20 users ) 
  • Automatic billing via selected payment method
  • Payment methods: checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or approved electronic checks.


An account with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) provides you with exclusive access to the following services.

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Worker's Compensation Opinions Database

Obtain a vast collection of workers’ compensation opinions for in-depth analysis and research.

Business Entity/Corporation

Access to a robust repository of business entity and corporation data.

UCC Database

Access Comprehensive UCC Data for informed business decisions.

Sex Offender Database

Obtain access to the bulk database for registered sex offenders.

Inmate Database

Access to a vast repository of inmate records.

Electronic Fingerprint Civil Harvester

Access to electronic fingerprint data for approved fingerprint harvesters.

Titles, Registrations and Liens

Access to titles, registrations and liens record information. 

Traffic Violation Records

Provides the ability to submit franchise tax filings for multiple entities.

Commercial Driver

Access to commercial driver alcohol and drug testing database and commercial driver watch.

Crash Reports

Access to vehicle accident information.

Worker's Compensation

Access to worker's commission claims search and opinions search.

Business Entity/ Corporation

Access to business entity/corporation filing system and special request list B.

Franchise Tax Batch Filings

Provides the ability to submit franchise tax filings for multiple entities.

UCC Filing & Search System

Conveniently manage your UCC filings and conduct searches.

Criminal Background Check

Access to background check service information.

EFlex Court Filings

Streamlined process for filing court documents.

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