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Paws in Prison Program Donations

Paws in Prison Program Donations

The Arkansas Paws in Prison program is a collaborative effort between the Arkansas Department of Correction and animal shelters/rescue groups to provide training and socialization for shelter dogs while providing rehabilitation opportunities for inmates.

The program brings dogs into correctional facilities, where they are paired with inmate handlers who train and care for them. Inmates in the program learn how to teach the dogs basic obedience, socialization, and other behaviors that make them more adoptable. The dogs live with their handlers 24/7, providing companionship and a sense of purpose for the inmates.

The Paws in Prison program has been successful in reducing inmate idleness and aggression, as well as providing dogs with training and socialization that can help them find permanent homes. The program also helps alleviate overcrowding in animal shelters and reduces the number of dogs that are euthanized due to behavioral issues.

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