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Director’s Office

Address: 401 DFA Building, 1509 W 7th / PO Box 3278, Little Rock, AR 72203
Phone: 501-682-1121
Fax: 501-682-7394


Department of Finance & Administration

Director’s Office

The Director's Office includes the DFA Director, Deputy Director and support staff. The Director is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State. The Chief Fiscal Officer's legal responsibility is to provide leadership and direction to ensure that state agencies operate uniformly and efficiently in their utilization of human and financial resources. As Chief Fiscal Officer, the Director serves on several state boards and commissions, including the State Board of Finance, Arkansas Development Finance Authority, Public Employees Retirement System, Highway Retirement Board, Governmental Bonding Board, Racing Commission, Information Network of Arkansas and Governor's Telecommunication and Technology Advisory Board. The Director is responsible for the State's budget, accounting, personnel and purchasing policies and systems.

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