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State Board of Pharmacy

Address: 322 South Main Street, Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-0190
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Department of Health

State Board of Pharmacy

The purpose of the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy is to promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare by and through the effective regulation of the many aspects of the drug delivery system. The agency licenses and regulates not only pharmacists and pharmacies, but also the distribution system where there is sale, delivery, or distribution of prescription drugs, medical gases, durable medical equipment, and legend devices. To accomplish the mission the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy must test the pharmacists; license, regulate, and discipline all licensees; and act as an expert in the dissemination of information regarding the laws and regulations which govern the practice of pharmacy and its related fields. The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy provides many services to the public, other state agencies, and the pharmacists. Some of the services provided by the agency include: Information source for the public, Resolve complaints from the public against licensees, Serve as a source of information for all pharmacists, Test new pharmacists, Provide an avenue for license transfer from other states, Discipline pharmacists and other licensees, Share information with other agencies to improve health care, Promulgate regulations to address new areas of public concern, License and regulation of: Pharmacists Interns, Pharmacy Technicians, In State Retail Pharmacies, Out of State Retail Pharmacies, Institutions, Hospitals, Wholesale Distributors of Legend and Controlled Substances, Wholesale Distributors of Home Medical Equipment, Legend Devices, and Medical Gases, Wholesale Distributors of List I Chemicals, State Supported/Charity Clinics, Specialty Pharmacies and Inspect Retail Pharmacies, in-state Wholesale Distributors of Controlled Substances and/or Legend Drugs, and Distributors of Home Medical Equipment, legend Devices, and/or Medical Gases.

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