Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Meeting

1.           Opening Comments and Introductions   2.           Minutes of the April 16, 2021 Livestock and Poultry Commission meeting are ready for approval.   3.  Review Agency Reports:           Accounting                                                  Laboratory Services         Animal Health                                             Livestock Field & Markets ·        State Veterinarian                           Egg and Poultry ·        Field Veterinarian ·        NPIP   4.     General Agency Activities          5.     Old Business   6.     New Business   ·        Elect New Chairman and Vice […]

Arkansas Forestry Commission Meeting

Convene – welcome and recognize quorum and guests –         Approve minutes of the April 9, 2021 regular quarterly meeting Forest Management Report – Loblolly Pine Plantation Mortality – Arbor Day Events – Tree-mendous Educators – FY21 Management Accomplishments – Good Neighbor Authority – 2020 Forest Survey Emergency Services – Fire Report – Fire Situation and Forecast – Training Summary – Equipment Update – Rural Fire Protection Revolving […]

Buffalo River Conservation Committee Meeting via Zoom

·       Welcome   ·       Update from focus area working groups   o    Cost-share Programs for Agriculture   o    Unpaved Roads   o    Water and Wastewater System Infrastructure   o    Tourism and Tourism Impacts   ·       Review from Legislative Session   o    Act 785   ·       Additional Business   ·        Adjourn