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Why can't I make a payment on ArStar after I have assessed?

You will need to call the Department of Finance and Administration at 501-682-4692

I tried to make a deposit into an inmate banking account and I did not receive a confirmation number. How do I know if it was successful?

Please go to ar.gov/payment and enter the requested information. If the payment was successful, it will give you your confirmation number.

Where can I find my tax payer number or ID number?

Your tax payer number or ID number can be found on your Tax Statement. If you don't have your tax statement, you can search for your tax payer number or ID (First Name and/or Last Name), Business Name, or address using this this system.

Where do I send my transcript for financial aid verification?

You can email Arkansas Department of Higher Education financial aid at finaid@adhe.edu or via mail at this address: ADHE | 423 Main Street, Suite 400 | Little Rock, AR 72201