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Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point Login

Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point Login

ATAP is a web-based service that will give taxpayers, or their designated representative, online access to their tax accounts and offers the following services:

Register a business
File a return online (except Individual Income Tax)
File a return using XML return upload
Change a name
Change an address
Amend a return
Make a payment
Store banking information for use during payment submission
View tax period financial information (tax, penalty, interest, credits, balance, etc.)
View payments received
View recent account activity
View correspondence from the department
ATAP allows taxpayers to access their following accounts online:

Sales and Use Tax
Withholding Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Partnership Income Tax
Composite Income Tax
Individual Income Tax
Motor Fuel Tax (except IFTA)
Dyed Diesel Tax
Brine Severance Tax
Natural Gas Severance Tax
Oil Severance Tax
Timber Severance Tax
Other Severance Taxes
Beer Excise Tax
Liquor Excise Tax
Wine Excise Tax
Cigarette Excise Tax
Cigarette Papers Excise Tax
Other Tobacco Products Tax
Soft Drink Excise Tax
Waste Tire Fee
Amusement Decal/License
Vending Device Fee
Beauty Pageant License
Bingo Tax
Bingo/Raffle License
Construction Surcharge
Electronic Games of Skill Fee
Telecommunications Surcharge
Beef Promotion Fee
Brucellosis/Pseudorabies Promotion Fee
Catfish Promotion Fee
Corn/Sorghum Promotion Fee
Rice Promotion Fee
Soybean Promotion Fee
Wheat Promotion Fee
If you are currently enrolled with our online systems to either make payments or file a return electronically, you will need to sign up in ATAP to take advantage of the enhanced services.

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