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Arkansas Wine Producers Council

Address: P.O. Box 101, Altus, AR 72821
Phone: 501-683-2000
Fax: 479-468-4791


Department of Commerce

Arkansas Wine Producers Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Wine Producers Council is to promote the wine industry with a focus on research & development, education, and agri-tourism that will foster growth in the Arkansas Wine industry and support and encourage economic growth and stability in Arkansas.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to function as leadership and a sounding board for the Arkansas wine industry to improve product quality, marketing, and opportunity for business and employment growth in the industry.

Core Values


Champion of Marketing

Continuous Improvement

Quality Improvement

Tourism Development

Industry and Consumer Education



The Board

Arkansas Wine Producers Council shall be composed of seven (7) members.

Five (5) members of the Council shall be selected from the state at large, appointed by the Governor of Arkansas, and confirmed by the Arkansas State Senate.

One (1) member of the council shall be designated by the Director of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and shall be a faculty member or researcher who is knowledgeable in viticulture.

One (1) member shall be designated by the State Parks, Recreation, and Travel Commission, and the member shall be either a member or employee of the Commission.

Officers and Executive Committee

The officers of the Arkansas Wine Producers Council shall be composed of a Chair, Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Each office shall not be combined or held by more than one person at a time. Officers serve for a one-year term.

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the duly elected officers of the Arkansas Wine Producers Council.

The Executive Committee shall report on its work at each Arkansas Wine Producers Council meeting.

Offices / Divisions

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